Information Architecture & Machine Learning

I recently started learning about information architecture as it applies to the UX process in constructing the content of websites and mobile applications. I had fun with the process as it reminded me of the character creation games I played as a kid on paper. I would spend hours creating rank systems for an imaginary army, and creating different stories in my head about some heroic figure. Then I would draw out individual items for the hero and label them as if they were instructions for some sort of manual..

I have a keen interest in seeing the field of artificial intelligence developed to the point where it can resemble the complex network of neurons that we have in our own brains. If neural networks in machine learning software basically create mathematical “neurons” in place of biological ones, I could see a neural network being trained to understand specific user input and using the data sets to prompt the information architect to adjust taxonomy for optimal user flow. This might allow digital agencies that design and work with a multitude of websites and products to save time on their A/B testing and reduce error.

Here’s a link to tinkering with your own neural network within a web browser. It’s fascinating stuff and explains why everyone is enamored with machine learning these days: