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What is is an online classroom and platform in which you can test code. Teachers and students can interact on this platform in a virtual setting which is the major selling point of it. Instructors can view student’s code, upload assessments, assignments and students can work on and store their code on the cloud platform. Personally, I found it to be a great way to learn how to code in the classroom without being constrained to a physical location. I dreaded learning from somebody on an online platform because it was too reminiscent of turnitin from high school but was surprised at how novel and intuitive was. They really had the “average person in 2017 trying to pick up coding on the go” persona down to a T.

Learnability: was easy to get started on from the get-go. I quickly made an account on the site and found my classroom through a link from an instructor. The visuals were minimalist and the icons were direct in their purpose. I found it pretty much impossible to get lost while navigating the site.

I rapidly picked up that codes that I needed to abandon while I was getting up to go somewhere or just needed a break were saved as drafts. Everything was clearly labeled so I quickly learned how functioned without having to read a tutorial. The click and drop down button to pick a programming language made it easy to switch between different language studies.


Highly efficient as in there’s been zero bugs in the times I have used it. Code is auto saved as drafts, data has never been lost and I am able to test code that I’ve written without any hiccups.


I swear the site makes programming almost like a game. I keep coming back to test code even when I’ve finished all my assignments or there’s nothing to learn but review. I can see bits of code I’ve written from months ago and the exact dates are stored so I can remember what state of mind I was in when I wrote it.


If anything, I wish there was a better way to communicate with instructors via a chat box or some sort of Slack app like integration.

Satisfaction: ✫✫✫✫✫

Overall, I have been very satisfied with my experience with so nothing much to say. Give it a try!

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